Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Let's go out for a drink by myself

in the humid, confounded
confines of my mind, i am often heard saying
"fuck this," or "fuck that,"
or "this motherfucking moron and that shit-brained scoundrel-beast. What happened to all
the good abortion doctors?"
i peer at unknown nameless men across bars,
comfortably scanning their faults and vanities,
with the kind of consuming but off-handed
contempt that even their depressed
and ashamed mothers
might have trouble feeling.
The thoughtless, self-adoring follies
of youth
are to me a very big intolerable deal,
because these days,
you must admit
the youth is like terminal cancer,
like daily nuclear war and fallout.
They are far too big for any britches ever made,
and there are no legitimate medical organizations
founded to stamp them out,
or stem their tide,
or limit their travel to within the boundaries
of the plantation.

....(Fearfully) ..Also, there are simply more of them now,
Remedial math-wise:
because they never grow up...
the instinct to adulthood is excised, purged
away into the toilet of youth-worship
and Currency and Orgasm:
things that Aging is Not.
Yes what you are seeing is a
concretion of hot, idle, human droppings,
a plague of
many generations of giant infants,
a mass backing and piling up of
big ol babies
pumped full of a mad priapic sex drive,
with the evil motor of
war-mongering capitalism
powering their well-muscled
and tightly packaged,
glorious legs and arms,
justifying everything for them,
every casual, disdainful
act of shittiness, every answer delivered with a snarkle,
every posture of uncaring,
each dull impulse towards combativeness
and the cruel humor of
the shallow and insecure, 
yes justifying
all this with Josey Wales-style gritty determination
and the will to shoot any Nicaraguan who
does not smile agreeably or join the US Marines
on a dodgy citizenship basis,
justifying the imagined responsibility to publicly revile
any sensible person
who might not care about carbon emissions
or the fucking trans-gendered,
any more than any other pointless soft-shoe
shuffling of a manufactured political issue.
O sweet blood-drinking neo-liberal capitalism that
gives all this shucking a very hale and immortal
and fashionable
soundtrack of death denied,
but ever-present.
Fucking milquetoast petit bourgeois poseurs,
your soft hands stink of blood.

Admit it. 

...The youth is expert at sneering, and derision,
and sniffing at things and pronouncing
that they have definitely
seen and sniffed better things before,
and did so first.
Here is the link, they opine,
Full of vile second-hand opinions as they all are.

And they like better bands and
have seen more better movies than you,
and for them, those two trifling
cultural forms actually pass
as "art," providing
the raw flavorless material
for major aspects
of their shabby personalities.
Conversation seems to be cannibal,
a mode of combat among them,
marked by insecure waving around
of the wooden swords
of their intellects,
and some pissing
about alternately with slang and
pseudo-informed phrases, sucked from the
fat mother's teats they can no longer survive
their beloved internet,
and black american culture.

Honestly i suspect that many
of them could not put on their tight leggings
without first consulting Reddit,
or text while driving,
or find white privilege distasteful,
some very knowledgeable rapper
had not explained these processes to them.
They are the most dismal
and therefore the most perfect americans ever.

Above all, they are happy to love mostly, no..
they are positively Ecstatic at this prospect
of a life spent
loving mostly their
own tired, opinion-holding, dingy asses.
If they could tongue and make love to their own bungholes,
we would never have to deal with them, for
they would be chronic shut-ins,
eating every meal
and posting awful pictures
of each repast.
These average icons whose shit not only
doesn't stink, but which
has excellent flavor.
I am not really joking.
Narcissism is the new
default state.
Facebook is deathless proof
that we are all celebrities,
celebrity rats trained
to stab the hell out of various buttons,
fiendishly hungry for the
cocaine rewards of acknowledgment
and a carefully designed,
favorably impressive
image of the Self..
The Lie of YOLO is
now official, sanctioned State Policy.

i try to avoid conflict and dreadful fits of
embarrassment at belonging to this shit-ass species of
gussied-up monkey,
infantilized and perfumed primate,
that is, i try
to avoid going needlessly into public
without the fortification of alcohol or some other drug,
but sometimes it can't be helped.

sometimes i must go to
a bar and drink in public
so that i can
scrabble about
in the great trashy pre-school of my particular city,
for some feelings of
bonhomie with a familiar face
or a brand-new face, one of those
that has
the rare
promise of wit or humanity,
or that prima materia, Humility.
Or maybe
i go out to remind myself of the happiness
and wisdom there is in staying home.

It can't be said
that i am a complete cynic
or a hopeless acid-bellied sourpuss,
for i never go out drinking without my lantern,
my magic lantern
of Diogenes,
for looking in the gloomy cave
of my particular society for that honest man who
doesn't babble
and confuse his ass-fed opinion with
truth or reason,
and who doesn't say dull, infuriating, insipid things
as a rule,
Just like it says in the script,
and in the meme,
and on the bathroom wall

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Of goats and mice-men.

There's a lot that is rather troubling going on with the worship, or at least the garish transcendence of, the goat-form Godhead figure called "Baphomet" these days in America. As with most others who are familiar with basic occult practices and occult religious preoccupations, it is now altogether obvious to me that we're living in some spiritually souped-up and funky times. So the frequent appearance of the goat imagery is revealing to us, and interesting, and unsurprising, but no less discomfiting.

I'm just more interested than most people and even the small community mentioned, in cataloging events, ritual undertakings, individual but seemingly connected deaths, and the oddities within the vast world entertainment system, which go to prove this first observation about goat-worship, goat-fetish. I tend to file them away mentally without much effort, as with knowing the scouting reports and potential, etc, of many NBA players, which i should not, but do. There isn't any doubt about the fact that this Open Baphomet Fetish is happening on a broad and highly placed scale, but the Why and Why Now is certainly open for questioning. So i've helpfully selected four instances in which Baphomet has appeared in a high-flown and obvious way in the national American consciousness. I invite the reader to consider these four separate instances and maybe reflect on what it all means, in these very dodgy, these very scientifically and spiritually wondrous times. Indeed, while considering, you might keep fixed in your mind the notion which is increasingly admitted and repeated within Accepted Science and various forms of Physics (which is the vanguard trailblazer of All sciences, it seems to me, and in some ways simply the new and all-encompassing science that was once called "alchemy"). This is the notion that Reality can now only honestly be described, and its definitions pursued, in terms of what have long been called "supernatural." God particles and dark matter and parallel universes and human consciousness being the result of a possible "computer simulated reality" a la "The Matrix," are but a few of the new paradigms of speculative scientific language which are trying to keep up with the deepening metaphysics and sorcery of the CERN-and-wormhole-era of Academic Wisdom. Throw in this unaccountable sort of forced diet of  "ancient alien" TV programming and slow-drip UFO Full Disclosure business, (not to mention the burgeoning of a revisionary history and "conspiracy theory" consciousness among the public) and you may agree that nothing is very certain anymore. The scope of human reason is at once greatly expanded and humbled.

And now, as predicted above, The Four Goat-men of the Apocalyptic Age, so to speak:

1. George W Bush is believed by some to have been conducting, or at least dimly and nervously presiding over, an inaugural rite at the BOOKer Elementary School in FL on the 2001 September morning of the Day of the Three Collapsing Skyscrapers (or "Pillar-mids" as they've been dubbed by some, the totemic Twin Pillars along with their third sidekick of Building 7, with its numerologically sound 47 floors (4+7= not ten!). The twins = a symbolic 11, and AA Flight 11 struck the twins first, and AA is in gematria terms also an "11"). But enough with silly numbers that cannot and never will lie....

The reason these people feel there was ritual purpose and significance in that morning's very weird read-along with the basically all-black schoolchildren at the Booker school, has to do with the fact that Bush and the gang read from a Book called "My Pet Goat." My understanding of the book is that the titled goat is out of control and eats literally everything. But the moral lesson is that hey, this is what goats do. Anyway, added to this symbolic, child's text-based inference is that Bush and his ilk were already considered in some circles as being practical devil-worshipers, owing to their allegiance to certain Yale fraternities, as well as the CIA, and their involvement in some precisely odious issues of skullduggery pertaining to both said outfits, which are indeed long connected, one to the other. The Booker school's early morning events (which were all the more conspicuous bc the POTUS was extremely leisurely by his staying at that well-advertised location Long After he should have been whisked away to safety) have been seen as occult in flavor specifically, though, because of a set of themes and winking metaphors collected under the Freemasonic concept known as "Riding the Goat." Research that silly shit yourself. Whether or not the Second-Graders (not quite third degree) are chanting words that have ritual meaning is surely to be debated. Still, it is a now indisputable fact and chain of causative reasoning, and easily conceded by the logic-and-open-minded-person who values real evidence, that once Non-11 has been sufficiently studied, it will be understood as being more than just an act of geopolitical terrorism, but also a Massive Public Ritual to usher in the new age of Horus/Aquarius, the new Millennium, the new alchemical age, all of which are well-accepted and studied concepts and astrological transitions. That kind of thing naturally requires a sizable blood sacrifice, it would always seem. Since this is a provable if not so comfortable or easily learned-of fact, one must then view the events at the Booker School with some added curiosity, and an extra bend at the knees to look under the bed of this unsettling scheduled press event. I challenge anyone who is alive and has a creditable brain to come up with a more memorable and heart-sinking, physical display of paralysis in the face of crisis, than what Andrew Card and his little friend the President showed on that morning from the Second grade classroom, as the cameras rolled and the world watched. Bush sat there with what may be called a look of terrifying, existential helplessness and worry, a kind of class clown look of not quite knowing-it-all but being deeply troubled by it all, and not exactly "surprised." That's my interpretation of the cretin's facial expression that morning. A simple man can't hide extremely complex emotions.

2. The "I-Pet Goat" animated movie that blew up on the internet a few years back, and has been ceaselessly analyzed, pored over and explicated, never with a very positive or uplifting tone or conclusion. I'm not sure what to think of the short film or its makers, but it is chock full of alchemical allegory and "New World Order" type of ominous augury and symbolic reference, including, of course, a whole theme about Bush in the Booker classroom. Needless to say, the movie's name references the Goat from the read-along-kids-right-here-this-is-what-it-says morning of non-11. Consider that from that morning on, millions if not billions of people have been reciting from rote memory all the explanations of the Tragic Events, events which were delivered from On High, and whose explanation was, too, and with the added savory support and solemn regurgitation of the entire invertebrate corps of wormy, working journalists, everywhere. The reader should perhaps take the time to watch this "I Pet Goat" movie, produced by "Heliophant."

3. On some precise and no doubt numerologically sound day in this past month of May, the Hoover Dam experienced a major graffiti event that few sensible people can understand, and even fewer know about. Some PR company affiliated with some development in the area of massive, extremely bright lighting technology, was allowed to project onto the huge face of the Hoover Dam an image of the logo for a certain mediocre soccer team from Koln, Germany, where this PR company is from. Sarcasm is here a totally unfit tool. Even when the logo is a Picture of a Giant Goat Standing Atop the team's Logo, which features behind it the iconic Two Towers of the medieval cathedral of Koln, which is known for these two spires. Sarcasm would here be inappropriate, i hope you agree. The oddly influential German PR company which loves its futbol team so, is reported to have done this mega-projection on our Hoover Dam in order to get publicity and break some world records regarding the longest or largest projection ever. I'd urge you to check the Youtube channel "Police State Radio," for its "Secrets of the Hoover Dam" video, a very well-done, pithy investigation into this surely meaningless event. By the goat-god what did i just say about sarcasm?!

4. Detroit got a big-ass devil statue, and Oklahoma got a bigger "Church of Satan" Adolphus Levi-style Baphomet statue, which was intended to sit at the Oklahoma statehouse. I'm not really sure if it made it onto the lawn or if public outcry prevented that, and I don't really care, just as i didn't care to look up the exact date of the Hoover Dam projection, because why must i always repeat their unholy numerals? The medium is the message, the story has already made its way into the nation's bloodstream, and many people have seen the amusing statue, like a re-imagining of the infamous "Greek God George Washington" statue making the Hermetic Maxim salute. Only the OK baphomet is flanked by a boy and a girl. My guess is that to live in the united states of america in this time is to be engaged in a constant sex-majikal ritual orgy. It's just a matter of whether or not you are consenting, or being simply used. It's very probably better to be used, in this foul scheme., in any cold case, just watch out for the Goat-god and take a minute to think outside your secular and secure box of god-forsaking reasoning. You don't have all the fucking answers, Kid, and i wouldn't suggest looking in the New York Times for them, either. 

Friday, October 9, 2015

A Review of the movie calling itself "The Interview." (Not Safe for weak-ass, squeamish defenders of Status Quo.)

Hello, all. I hope you enjoyed my vacation. FB has none of the luster that it used to, before i awoke from my fever-dream of assuming that posting observations and articles of ire amounted to anything save a reputation as a caustic crank who was probably too smart and self-important for his own sturdy well-being and socio-economic state. (Always keep in mind, if you were about to take the bold leap of agreeing with me on Any one of all these big old head-scratching matters of global import, that i make Less Than Forty-Thousand Reserve Notes per annum ($40,000) unless i work a lot of OT, and so please. You really are not required to listen to me at all. I do not own a business or even a full business suit. Furthermore, i've only ever owned one car in my life, and it was used, and practically on layaway.) Anyway, this is just a movie review, free of any kind of political outrage or ethical meditations. Nope. I couldn't bring myself to write such a waste of a thing. I'm an educated, bi-racial Libra, and i happen to continuously give a fuck because i am powerless to do otherwise. No bland movie review for you today.

I submit that if you want to know how despicable, how unscrupulously wicked, irresponsible, vulgar and cheap modern amerikan life has become, (and blibberdy-blabber by extension, "Western life") then all you must do is try to watch "The Interview." Now it should be a given that the movie is fucked up zionist cultural programming of the now garden variety of the Illuminist era. That is a given, and if you didn't know, there's your scoop for the day, my dear. I call it "zionist" simply to identify it for Part of what it manifestly Is, and that is a product of admitted, definitive Jewish efforts. Even for Hollywood, it is conspicuously non-goyim in its DNA, flavors, and effluences. It's obviously an Apatow tribal production, and nothing more about that really needs to be said here, apart from the obligatory note that anything i have become aware of, at least, which came from the seamy mind of Apatow and his vile troop of clubby non-comic lemming actors has served only to embarrass the human race and brutally degrade the very idea of Comedy and worthwhile diversions or filmic entertainments, at large.

It's very rare, if i'm not watching Fox News or some honest documentary about satanists, neocons, or organized state pedophiles, that i feel i do need to promptly have a hot soapy scrubbing in order to be somewhat less filthy, from the viewing. Apatow never fails to get me angry and dirty. It was an abortive Netflix mistake, simply put, and i did not go into it blindly, having already been sufficiently barnyard in my intelligence to grasp that the movie was Indeed, just as some are saying in the political/philosophical/film industry scribbling world, a rather bizarre and unprecedented instance of the CIA, etc. Working Directly with certain fraternities of film-makers in Hollywoodland, specifically in this case, the Apatow tribe. Look it up, (I'm not linking shit here about this shit movie) the actors and others associated with this tripe offering about humorously assassinating a world leader have gone on record as saying they felt the CIA was involved in changing the script of the movie from an imagined world leader to the actual leader of North Korea. That is so fucked up and reflective of our diabolical zeitgeist that it would require at least Five FB posts to properly explain it, or a devoted FB account. (We should say here that such a notion of this movie representing an "unprecedented" linkage between Hollywood and State Forces either clandestine or Face-forward, is equal parts pure rubbish and cow-flesh-diluted cowfeed, but this case happens to be especially bold, obtuse, egregious, and thus, perfect for our current time. Now let us summarize..)

And so, in summary, that now unmentionable movie is a ghastly, gut-turning, evil obscenity fit only for consumption by violent and perverted amerikans. You should go watch it right away if you want to rip from your soul some measure of its soulful beauty and purity in order to then grind and smear it into a sewer drain. I would zealously prefer not being your friend if you found anything at all amusing about that piece of shitty garbage, or if you even watched it until the end and do not have a sound excuse. It really is much worse than merely disgustingly immoral and bad, it Is A Political Message of Aggressive Nihilism infused by absurdly repetitive, culture-defiling pantomimes of what we too-securely call "Humor."                                                                  

There is arguably no brow low enough among our species capable of countenancing this movie.

If you would like to sing ignorant lullabies inside your meager conscious, you who are reading this and have decided that i am Der Anti-Semite, then i urge you posthaste to delete our toy friendship and even send me an extremely brief note describing your holiest outrage against my intolerance of the chosen people and their lately unsmirchable record in things. I'll begin working on your effigy for the weekend. You have much history and cipherin' to larn, and you and i will always be talking about different things, for the simple reason that you probably lack the intellect to speak even my humble language of study, reflection, and ethical impetus which is clearly spoken everywhere around the world, but only in pockets, in this country. You see, i'm about as much of an "anti-semite" (may god, etc., forgive me for using such a mindless, hackneyed, void and unscientific term such as it is) as i am a famous pedophile defense attorney enshrined by bankrupt so-called Liberalism. I am as much "anti-jewish" as i am a noted Freemason, or a trained and cool-headed police officer. I am Mickey Mouse, the famous anti-semite burlesque dancer, ok. Fair enough. Your ethics is laser sharp.

If you were to write a modestly savvy movie report for your 13th-grade class about "This Pestilential Talkie," the meat of your synopsis could be "There was over an hour of awkward and deliriously shameful Tavistockian Cultural Engineering, intended to infantilize and degrade large portions of what the human race has through millennia come to define and describe as decent or desirable for the human Community. It was profane tribalism gone haywire, it is the common denominator of all things bad and stinky. It's a pasting together of degenerate impulses one should only avoid or ridicule. It is the Humor of the Damned." You mighta thought it was just a shitty and embarrassing little YOLO-generation movie that makes no sense if it is to belong to a world with any dignity, but which is still not That Offensive, and Did have three or four good poo-poo and penis jokes, and is really after all only the latest in an ever-growing chain of such movies. But think about it a bit, dumb amerikan. Observe the curious news-item themes attached to this movie, about "free speech," and "international hacking and threats," and Brave Humorists standing up for the Integrity of Art, and then that bit about the CIA "advisors and consultants," and so on. Sophomoric genital and scat humor, and assassinations, and a heavy dose of anti-asian racism. We've won again, Land of the Free.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

terms in the lexicon that reveal our shadiness:

1. "Hit it." This is a reference to coitus, or lovemaking.
2. "Smash it." This is a reference to coitus, or lovemaking.
3. One is "killing it" when they are succeeding very well. Apparently we're all stand-up comedians.
4. to "nut," a definitively male term for orgasm now used by women.
5. "bitch" and "ho" used among well-fed and -reared white women, and used with some camaraderie.
6. "what's up, Dawg." Any mention of "sup" applies here. This is a juvenile and affectedly casual    thing to say. We are not on the level of dogs, in fact.
7. Referring to someone light-heartedly as "Killa."
8. "White trash." A patently racist and white supremacist term that few white folks understand.
9. "Sucks." This term has now passed into a state of complete unreflection and acceptance. And so it reveals our depth of depravity and our devotion to crude patriarchy.
10. "Savage" as a general descriptor for an idea or subject thought to be Worthy, Radically Good, or otherwise deserving of approval.
11. "Slay"...just more vicious and dehumanizing Verb vernacular from our living Purgatory of social engineering managed by kabbalists. It means 'to do well." To review, killing and murdering is good and desirable. It will get you ahead, inevitably securing you fame, respect and power.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

"there was nothing there!"

it's reasonable to assume
that a reptilian
Fear of the State
welling up from the timid
reptile region of me
is what caused
the tears to spill over my
wine and salt-fattened cheeks
that day some years ago,
when the nice policeman circled back
and accosted me for
walking in the open air
with an open bottle,
and not, as he said, the decency
to disguise it.

But when he was done administering
his version
of Justice-by-tedious, drawling, solipsistic lecture,
and i was then obliged to offer
my minute's minuet of being
cowed and eager to explain myself, officer,
what should happen
but a big greasy plump tear
of sick-souled heart-burn
spilled greedily down my right face.
he got the unstately raw version.
I clutched that bottle
like an I.V.
and told him why i looked
like i did,
and then he was the one
who felt cowed,
and sorry for his crimes, and drove off with his
officer's mind all heavy
with some permanently open 
and weeping love wound
from his past,
it's reasonable to assume.

Haiku Renga Smut

The following is a joint effort. A few years back, I wrote this linked haiku with a woman I had never met in the real world. She was asian-american and a bit of a barracuda and she lived in Atlanta. She wrote the first haiku "stanza," i wrote the next one, and so on.

It''s over he says
the now-ing and never-ing
hey get the fuck out

love so soon, is it?
tsk, sweet playful cockroach mine
i’ll turn the lights on

men have great pussies
about which they do not know
girls eat them with spoons

eagerly I search
my loins for spoonfuls of pussy,
ignoring hard-ons

this one is too good
so finish it with a sigh
you must lick the spoon

The following is a song written to the melody of
"The Music Goes Round and Round," especially the lovely version by Louis Prima, which can be heard by watching this video. We have re-titled the song for the sole purpose of reflecting the sexual moods of contemporary society.

Bitch let’s fall in love!

I know you’ve been looking at me/
Over ur man’s shoulder.
…What do you think?
Refrain: Bitch/ let’s fall in love!!

I see you like me,
And carry on oh-so-cool,
…Would you like a drink?
Refrain: Bitch, let’s fall in love!

I don’t lift weights,
And you know I don’t have no car
But I fuck well, so well, so well
Refrain: Bitch can’t we fall in love??

You’re extremely loud,
Like a big, banged empty pot
But you’re fine as hell
Bitch, let’s fall in love!!

There’s lots of babbling here,
And many small starving minds
Can’t we leave this place?
Bitch, let’s fall in love!!

Forget my odd sarcasm
And I’ll ignore your charms
‘Cause you like my face,

Bitch, let’s fall in lo-ove.
(increasingly quiet..)
Bitch let’s fall in love,
(quieter still…)
Darling let’s…

Stain the couch!!

(this last line to be sung at loud, angry-traffic level, with a triumphant leap into the air, betraying no self-consciousness while gyrating the hips in the fashion of african-american toddlers sometimes featured in the rap videos, dancing in the street)

Friday, August 21, 2015

Sex, Drugs and Rocking with Your Rifle Out: Female Viagra and Lady Army Rangers.

I enjoy thinking about human sexuality for various reasons. For one, our cousin monkeys are somewhat less interesting, in their reproductive traditions and ways. For another, we obviously are a species of primate that has thrived atop the food chain for so long, and so our system and culture of reproduction are bound to be both interesting and a model for extraordinary success. It is going to be relevant to all aspects of our behavior. Then there is the additional phenomenon of sexuality being used by cultural pornographers in corporate advertising and popular entertainment. I cannot go to the credit union or the public house without seeing some over-sized juicy ass, or slender strumpet too poor to wear clothes, selling some kind of cotton ball or automobile or cheeseburger sandwich, or without being Way-laid by some image of the hideous reproduction of The Madonna, Gaga, or Rihanna Figure with their esoteric, high-art/low-brow Temple Prostitution.

Things are changing rapidly and they deserve our attention. Not to be reactionary or naive, but John Coltrane did not have to have gyrating pole dancers on stage with him. Frank Sinatra never simulated orgies and even more bizarre escapades like sex majik ritual murder in his musical videos. No pop star in the exuberant, coltish sixties, even, ever had to fornicate with the lover they then murdered by burning in a bed beneath a Baphomet head, in such a video. (See: Lady Gaga)

In general, human sexuality and human sexual customs rear their horned heads as a form of social engineering, too...and in this way we make a turn into metaphysics, religion and proto-religions, secret societies and all these other more arcane and occulted influences on the human condition. This is where trans-humanism and the Alchemical Ideal of the Hermaphroditic Union of Opposites (such as the Sexes) comes in; and also where we can detect a certain deeper significance to the rise of national gay and LGBT politics, and to quite apparently shoehorned reference to homosexuality in different cultural products and diversions/entertainments. Possibly there is even a statistical increase in the number of gay people, relative to the general heterosexual population, and that of course is interesting. It may be only narrow and anecdotal, this belief of mine that the numbers of gay folk are increasing, but I'm an observant, considerate citizen and i read much about society, at large (and, apropos of my liberal and metaphysical credentials, I've long had a suspicion that capitalizing the "i" in English is a mnemonic or subconscious ploy to reinforce patriarchy and the primacy of the phallic self, or the self in general, which I consider a philosophy kind of synonymous With patriarchy and the Judeao-Christian-Kabalist value system. Indeed, the lower case "i" itself resembles a phallus. Apologies for indulging in that quite relevant tangent.) It's not too uncommon for people to speculate that there is an environmental, chemical aspect of the rise in those numbers, and thus, because we are free intellects here and we wish to Go There at most opportunities, we can be permitted to wonder, then, at the possibility of a Planned Shift In Gender Realities. Since chemical shifts can be consciously and politically Introduced into human populations, you see. You may have heard of the Pentagon's "Gay Bomb." I will ask that if you're still reading, for the rest of this brief communication between us, you kindly dispense with any silly idea that i am what is called a "homophobe," or have anything whatsoever against gay people and their customs and feelings.

So, keeping all of this in mind, it's of great interest to me that two developments have developed right within the same short period in our political and scientific/medical experience as Americans, shining tip of the human existential spear of destiny that we are.

The first development is the move to the market and FDA-approving of so-called "female viagra." It's called, for some slightly confusing reason, "Addyi." They were apparently not afraid of any verbal connotations of the crazy speed drug for behavioral modification known as "Addy," or Adderall, which all the kids and college students seem to be on at all times. That's curious in itself, and perhaps intentional, knowing the insidious cleverness of advertisers wherever they nest within a given corporation... They are like black magicians carrying around scyring stones wrapped in Psychology degrees. **

The other development is the rise of the discussion of Female Combat Readiness to the level of near-resolution, insofar as the fact that women have now reportedly passed Army Ranger Training, something trumpeted proud and loudly by the government, military, and news media. Israel is doing it, maybe some other, lesser, countries are doing it, and America the Spear Carrier of the Will to Power and War for the Spirit and over-soul of the human race, is now poised to do it, too. Breathe..

Now obviously both of these cultural shifts involving " Addyi" and The "Army..." are being framed in as fatuous and disappointing a way as possible, per american intellectual custom and the dictates of corporate gods and all they purvey. That is my own salty opinion, but of course I am an anti-war leftist and one who has adopted the conspiracist View of history and contemporary human society. The general tone and over-arching signifying language attending these shifts deals in the notion that "Women Deserve a Chance to Realize Their full Potential, Just as Men Have Enjoyed Such Freedoms." Freedoms, in this case, to fuck at will and to murder by arbitrary and remunerated contractual decree. I've read quite a lot of the news coverage of the approval of Female Viagra, and naturally much of it is simply incestuous, unethical advertising, whereby the Pharma corporation (whose name we needn't use) uses its cross-pollinated sisters and shell partners in, say, The New York Post or the hydra-like 3-letter television news agencies, to run stories that amount to fluff congratulations and a hailing of the arrival of a drug that is sure to chase the sexual blues of prematurely shriveled wives right away, as that condition is such a notorious and depressing evil to humanity. It's a kind of Brave New World sexual revolution in a pill, and there are some intonations that are especially wholesome, suggesting that at least female viagra was not rushed to market like male sexual enhancements, which "could actually" kill the user. (We have now used our obligatory Huxley reference.) There is allegedly no danger of heart attack and stroke and seeing everything in Blue, from taking Addyi.

We don't have to wax moral-philosophical in any way at all, on the subject of how combat readiness for women is being framed or meta-referenced in the realm of news reporting or the so-called "national discussion." We are all simply fucked raw and savagely in this development, and not in a good way at that. Let us be plain about it. Our disgusting wars will not be questioned in this great big national talk, and indeed their usefulness or morality will now be even Less Questioned, since the business of State Killing has just been glorified by the inclusion of women, the softer and more empathetic and life-giving sex, among the trigger-pulling mercenary ranks. The golden goal posts have been moved, the critical moral questions have been with hubris spastically leapt over, as if by a brief but meaningful muscular contraction in the night. Capital and Power do what they want, as ever, and it just takes them some extra frog-boiling time to more purely enshrine their ruthlessness. Female intelligence agents have always been authorized to murder and poison as necessary, as an example, and Queens start and maintain wars of acquisition and profit quite often. There are some properly sadistic female police chiefs and minor jackboots all over the place, now. The state can jabber and imprecate to us in its twilight language as much as they please, and few are ever the wiser. They're just becoming more prolific at selling us our own poison, and marketing it as Medicine. I suggest that nothing has changed in this particular act of political theater with The Lady Army Rangers, except for the nationally ready and digestible Symbolism of the matter. And of course, that means something has changed, if you follow me. Oh, coitus, I allowed myself to wax, anyway.

(And I'm sure other people are remarking in a waxy-faced, scholarly and self-congratulatory, in a typically hedonistic and amoral, Darwinian western way, about the coincidence of these two mammoth shifts in cultural attitudes and political philosophy, for that is what "women in the combat-ready military" amounts to: a marked shift in political philosophies. In short, Female erection pills and super-warriors are both proof of the primacy and fitness of the Western model of civilization.)

I suggest that some of this is pure political and alchemical theater. What makes me think that the Addyi phenomenon is at the root both metaphysical planning and predictable greedy capitalist rubbish, is the sheer empty dunder-headedness of what passes as the discrete "scientific" discussion and explanation of the Actual Bio-chemical and physiological effects of this new drug, which will now Spawn many copycats and competitors once patents relax, etc. We are advised and reassured that the woman who takes the pink pill is Not experiencing any kind of abject, physical change in her body, so that the Physical desire a woman may and does have for sex does not enter the question. This saves the schizoid and patriarchal control mentality of mankind at large from the burden of admitting that their women enjoy sex and in so doing must perhaps or necessarily regard him (or let us say, his Institutional/Matrimonial Being) as incrementally more useless and expendable, and less entitled to his persistent and annoying erections and their failings, less deserving of phallic honorifics. A lot of that tack or approach to poorly, almost mystically describing the actual effects of Addyi seems simply to boil down to the psychology of male sexual desire and how it is woven into cultural norms and preconditioning. That's my opinion and it's a pretty intelligible, standard, and probably well-supported one. I was frankly hoping to put to rest and ease some amount of the endless, almost magical deliberations about the mystical female sexual psychology, by having this new drug admit its efficacy in terms of a simple reallocation of blood fuel. Such as occurs within the sad, mechanical male sexual entity and apparatus. Woe is predictable Us, and how easily our chemistry and Point of Existence are targeted by chemists.

"This new pill does Not, we repeat, it does not increase blood flow to the female genitals, and it will not, we repeat emphatically, it will Not make a woman get all horny and wish to jump just any man's rickety bones," I can almost hear in the undertones of the soothing and vaguely liberated female narrator's voice. As much sound science or spiritual wisdom as there may be in the presumed and even archetypal notion that for women, sex (and its possible difficulties) is almost always about "brain chemistry" and tortured emotions, I do sincerely smell something sort of artificial in all of this talk of "increasing dopamine and norepinephrine levels," which "Takes sex to a whole new level" for such women as are interviewed in NY Post articles, who no longer feel sexual desire for their husbands after four, ahem, four years. (There's no pill to immunize wives against the shittiness and ugliness of their husbands, alas, or to erase foolish romantic mistakes stemming from passionate naivete and Marriage Romanticization.) Now, If you think I am criticizing "fickle female sexual behaviors" here you have blindly missed the point I am making about turbid internal contradictions which I feel I am seeing here in the institutional rush to develop and justify spanish flies that are FDA-approved. What I am saying is that there appears to be a persistent strain or reinforcement of the old shibboleth of patriarchy, that women don't really experience sexual desire on a physical level nearly as much as men do, if at all. Because that's a dangerous notion and will destabilize society, you dig, and society is running along very admirably and fairly at this time.

There is also another dark strain we may be leading to: some kind of reprogramming pill for women, or any recalcitrant sub-sector of human society, for that matter.

There's much more to say on these subjects but I'm not writing a book here. What I think we're seeing is a contrived if not forced union of the sexes, through both the feminization of men and the masculinization of women-folk. You can indulge in the chicken or egg semantics all you like, and accuse me of not being a sufficiently enlightened liberal for using words like these, but that doesn't interest me much, personally. Some of these developments are organic, and just. Some are not.

**("Addyi," linguistically, brings to mind the idea of adding the majority segment of human society to the great fun of male sexual promiscuity and mindless readiness, just as Adderall includes So many people in its effects or regime, even. Literally this Addy shit is everywhere and recreational use is now rampant.)

There is one very well-known and accepted meaning of the physical aspect of the Godhead Baphomet, references to which are now clearly rife in our society, if not to say of the actual worship of the figure. That is the metaphor of the sexuality of the Baphomet, who is a combination or Union of the Sexes, and that's why this classical image of the thing has feminine breasts. It's a hermaphrodite. His oppositional hands in the "as above, so below" posture can also be taken to indicate eternal duality, male and female, the black and white crescent bodies.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Is Lindsay Lohan Too Skinny? A Serious Investigative Series.

Appropriate Answers:

1. This would be an irrelevant question, if I didn't often wonder whether Lindsay Lohan could fit inside my pocket.

2. Not unless "skinny" is parlance for "just as cute as a line of expensive cocaine glittering in the light of a posh urinal."

3. Only for cannibals and or like Rupert Murdoch.

4. You're just jealous, Tubby. You're so tubby, after sex you smoke a ham. When you haul ass you have to make several heaving, laborious trips. Tubby, tubby, tubby.

5. No. She doesn't show enough skin, in fact. Every time i see her she is wearing clothes.

6. The Real question is: Does George Bush, Jr., or any of his kin, drink too much blood with their rose wine.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

a european tour

i deserve to be taken to Paris, Rome,
and Italy, on a stipend,
or a grant,
it's there i will settle things,
and arches will appear
in the wake
of each of my 
fresh remarks
on how stately and old
and venrubble
it all looks
to this humble american,
for whom a usable
rail system
is a wondrous marvel