Saturday, August 8, 2015

Is Lindsay Lohan Too Skinny? A Serious Investigative Series.

Appropriate Answers:

1. This would be an irrelevant question, if I didn't often wonder whether Lindsay Lohan could fit inside my pocket.

2. Not unless "skinny" is parlance for "just as cute as a line of expensive cocaine glittering in the light of a posh urinal."

3. Only for cannibals and or like Rupert Murdoch.

4. You're just jealous, Tubby. You're so tubby, after sex you smoke a ham. When you haul ass you have to make several heaving, laborious trips. Tubby, tubby, tubby.

5. No. She doesn't show enough skin, in fact. Every time i see her she is wearing clothes.

6. The Real question is: Does George Bush, Jr., or any of his kin, drink too much blood with their rose wine.

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