Sunday, January 24, 2016

2016 Pre-dictions, as first appeared on Facebook, with one personalized addendum.

1. Clever people everywhere will finally fashion new terminology to describe their old, threadbare emotions and also their mildewed, inadequate political notions: their many staid dictums, misapprehensions, unifying theories, scabby formulations that smell of Professor Father’s logic, opinions on the predictability of Pearl Harbor, generalized schools of thought and such. Our current, devil-worshiping form of Capitalism is listening in, however, and so this new terminology is discovered and, the public is told, sent to an island prison. In reality, the terms are tortured and dismembered, but for use in snuff films that fetch an obese price in Panama, Tel Aviv, and the UAE.

2. Interested and mentally active types in certain isolated pockets will begin to research world and human cultural history as if they could bravely think for themselves. A narrow stratum of credentialed, so-called historians will discard their asinine training and vain pedagogical models, and discover the phenomenon of Most major historical transformations having come as a result of connivance and conspiracy, often undertaken in places called “groves,” and “lodges” or “backrooms,” not to speak of “state-run child brothels.” They will also miraculously locate information on World International Freemasonry and the ancient mystery schools and religions from which it depends. Freemasonry will be admitted to be one and the same, virtually, with Hebrew Kabbalah, (which, in essence, predates Judaism, as such) as the Masons themselves know and write about openly.

3. We will somehow squeeze in a return of a Mahdi or Messiah or an Anti-Christ or two. Sequels and puerile cinema will proliferate, of the animated and super hero variety. Count on 95 per cent of filthiness, rubbish, and occult flim-flam-fakery in all these developments.

4. All the monumental stone phalluses everywhere will come alive at once and a great mystical shower of Osiris-powered life support fluid will fill the skies of every land. It will be blamed on global warming, instead of the obvious and logical sorceries that surround us at every turn in this modern age which fatuously claims to have banished God, demons, magic, and the Devil, in favor of nuclear deterrents, analgesic opioid pills, and easily collapsible Manhattan skyscrapers.

5. Some number of sinister books will be published, codifying cynical and jingoist philosophies that will lead to newer, ever more flavorful forms of imperialist bloodshed in the service of much darker Izms, on which exactly no books will be published. The sinister books will appear and be lauded in all the right journals and universities.

6. Lots of mind-numbing propaganda supporting obstinate and morally unsupportable belief systems. Crucial mysteries go unsolved, every day. Occult Hollywood will continue to impishly foretell of weird and generally deadly public Scenarios such as mass shootings, the snuffing out of somehow symbolic celebrity personalities, and, of course, mass casualty events to be blamed in every erroneous case on some other people or religion than those which authored them.

7. There will be an uncertain tottering in the confidence and arrogance of this dreadful cryptocracy that runs the world, if erratically and seemingly under the duress of factionalism and the contrary efforts of slight but measurable forces of Human or Godly Goodness and Virtue. These will be perhaps minor blows to the sure-footing of the evils currently enshrined in the human order of things. But we will be able to identify them and we will all swell with pride if not participation. Little, quiet, private battles will be waged in millions of chest cavities and minds and dreams, against wickedness and villainy and the debilitating effect on the human soul of professional year-round sports leagues that sublimate warfare and train us for easily provoked limbic fevers against The Other. Etc.

8. Kristaps Prozingis will win ROTY and cease growing except in areas of general human excellence. Etc.

9. Children will become more like materialist mad dogs devoted to sensualism, self-seeking, and the love of technologies that do and encourage almost everything universally wrong. Adults continue to become more like children. Adults will get even more disgraceful forms of plastic surgery than have yet been devised by our sick, infantilizing, soulless armies of priestly doctors. Adults will increase their consumption of the briny piss of the pan-sexual demimonde of Madison Avenue and Hollywood, and will finally certify and announce that the piss is ambrosial quality. The fluid will be marked up beyond the reach of the huge lower classes, which event will naturally create a cultic need among those classes, for the expensive piss. Knock-off brands and lines of fashion referencing the Olympic piss will then be spawned. Perversely related to all this scheduled, piss-drinking infantilism, The Predominant ethical issue of our time will keep being ignored so that its implied, institutionalized criminality may continue without any fussing or trouble. Which is to say, the use of children for the pleasure and compromising of powerful human beings all throughout world governments and high society, everywhere, will continue to be permitted and sanctioned by the state, and slowly, larger society will be conditioned to accept this through various insidious modes of pedophile and gender-confusing cultural programming. The Dennis Hastert, Tom Delay, Caitlyn Jenner and Jeff Gannon brand of moral relativism. None of the above is good, unless one is into that sort of thing.

10. Cthulhu and The Kraken and all their kind will return from the depths and other shadowy regions to give us a full upbraiding. 

11. I will personally fail at something in a conspicuous, flailing manner, and it will be widely observed. I will succeed at my Great Work, and it will be as well-and widely-regarded as a silent fart in a communal old person's home, or facility, or holding pen, or whatever you prefer to call it.

Love songs, potentially... a progressive melodic stance on the ritual of tolerant mating.

Side A

1. Baby, come back to me (because the batteries in your collar are running low.)
2. You and I (were made for each other )( but is your friend interested in going home with us tonight?)
3. How Can You Stand Not to Love Me, Baby?
4. What is a Little Wart compared to My Love for Thee?
5. You're Just like Your Father, Baby.
6. You're Exactly Like Your Mother, Baby.
7. How Dare You Block Me, I'm the Best and Kindest Person You will Ever Know.
8. When Assholes Cry.

Side B

(currently awaiting inspiration)

Brothers and Sisters.

we are a mess,
we are foully worse than a mess.
a mess can be cleaned.
we are a stain of leftover pain from
a secret blood ritual practiced in the dark
on an ancient sabbath.

we are a cyclone of orderly doubt and small-mindedness,
of dependence on drugs and onanism.
ephemeral pleasure is our God.

we have little time
but that's never been an obstacle
to our lust for wasting it,
along with the timid dignity of our souls.

we all wear the hair shirt and the crucifix
and the necktie and
the jagged-toothed chastity belt.
none of us really knows why.

we all have our favorite dirty things
and we all secretly dislike our own stink,
and love it, too.