Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Of goats and mice-men.

There's a lot that is rather troubling going on with the worship, or at least the garish transcendence of, the goat-form Godhead figure called "Baphomet" these days in America. As with most others who are familiar with basic occult practices and occult religious preoccupations, it is now altogether obvious to me that we're living in some spiritually souped-up and funky times. So the frequent appearance of the goat imagery is revealing to us, and interesting, and unsurprising, but no less discomfiting.

I'm just more interested than most people and even the small community mentioned, in cataloging events, ritual undertakings, individual but seemingly connected deaths, and the oddities within the vast world entertainment system, which go to prove this first observation about goat-worship, goat-fetish. I tend to file them away mentally without much effort, as with knowing the scouting reports and potential, etc, of many NBA players, which i should not, but do. There isn't any doubt about the fact that this Open Baphomet Fetish is happening on a broad and highly placed scale, but the Why and Why Now is certainly open for questioning. So i've helpfully selected four instances in which Baphomet has appeared in a high-flown and obvious way in the national American consciousness. I invite the reader to consider these four separate instances and maybe reflect on what it all means, in these very dodgy, these very scientifically and spiritually wondrous times. Indeed, while considering, you might keep fixed in your mind the notion which is increasingly admitted and repeated within Accepted Science and various forms of Physics (which is the vanguard trailblazer of All sciences, it seems to me, and in some ways simply the new and all-encompassing science that was once called "alchemy"). This is the notion that Reality can now only honestly be described, and its definitions pursued, in terms of what have long been called "supernatural." God particles and dark matter and parallel universes and human consciousness being the result of a possible "computer simulated reality" a la "The Matrix," are but a few of the new paradigms of speculative scientific language which are trying to keep up with the deepening metaphysics and sorcery of the CERN-and-wormhole-era of Academic Wisdom. Throw in this unaccountable sort of forced diet of  "ancient alien" TV programming and slow-drip UFO Full Disclosure business, (not to mention the burgeoning of a revisionary history and "conspiracy theory" consciousness among the public) and you may agree that nothing is very certain anymore. The scope of human reason is at once greatly expanded and humbled.

And now, as predicted above, The Four Goat-men of the Apocalyptic Age, so to speak:

1. George W Bush is believed by some to have been conducting, or at least dimly and nervously presiding over, an inaugural rite at the BOOKer Elementary School in FL on the 2001 September morning of the Day of the Three Collapsing Skyscrapers (or "Pillar-mids" as they've been dubbed by some, the totemic Twin Pillars along with their third sidekick of Building 7, with its numerologically sound 47 floors (4+7= not ten!). The twins = a symbolic 11, and AA Flight 11 struck the twins first, and AA is in gematria terms also an "11"). But enough with silly numbers that cannot and never will lie....

The reason these people feel there was ritual purpose and significance in that morning's very weird read-along with the basically all-black schoolchildren at the Booker school, has to do with the fact that Bush and the gang read from a Book called "My Pet Goat." My understanding of the book is that the titled goat is out of control and eats literally everything. But the moral lesson is that hey, this is what goats do. Anyway, added to this symbolic, child's text-based inference is that Bush and his ilk were already considered in some circles as being practical devil-worshipers, owing to their allegiance to certain Yale fraternities, as well as the CIA, and their involvement in some precisely odious issues of skullduggery pertaining to both said outfits, which are indeed long connected, one to the other. The Booker school's early morning events (which were all the more conspicuous bc the POTUS was extremely leisurely by his staying at that well-advertised location Long After he should have been whisked away to safety) have been seen as occult in flavor specifically, though, because of a set of themes and winking metaphors collected under the Freemasonic concept known as "Riding the Goat." Research that silly shit yourself. Whether or not the Second-Graders (not quite third degree) are chanting words that have ritual meaning is surely to be debated. Still, it is a now indisputable fact and chain of causative reasoning, and easily conceded by the logic-and-open-minded-person who values real evidence, that once Non-11 has been sufficiently studied, it will be understood as being more than just an act of geopolitical terrorism, but also a Massive Public Ritual to usher in the new age of Horus/Aquarius, the new Millennium, the new alchemical age, all of which are well-accepted and studied concepts and astrological transitions. That kind of thing naturally requires a sizable blood sacrifice, it would always seem. Since this is a provable if not so comfortable or easily learned-of fact, one must then view the events at the Booker School with some added curiosity, and an extra bend at the knees to look under the bed of this unsettling scheduled press event. I challenge anyone who is alive and has a creditable brain to come up with a more memorable and heart-sinking, physical display of paralysis in the face of crisis, than what Andrew Card and his little friend the President showed on that morning from the Second grade classroom, as the cameras rolled and the world watched. Bush sat there with what may be called a look of terrifying, existential helplessness and worry, a kind of class clown look of not quite knowing-it-all but being deeply troubled by it all, and not exactly "surprised." That's my interpretation of the cretin's facial expression that morning. A simple man can't hide extremely complex emotions.

2. The "I-Pet Goat" animated movie that blew up on the internet a few years back, and has been ceaselessly analyzed, pored over and explicated, never with a very positive or uplifting tone or conclusion. I'm not sure what to think of the short film or its makers, but it is chock full of alchemical allegory and "New World Order" type of ominous augury and symbolic reference, including, of course, a whole theme about Bush in the Booker classroom. Needless to say, the movie's name references the Goat from the read-along-kids-right-here-this-is-what-it-says morning of non-11. Consider that from that morning on, millions if not billions of people have been reciting from rote memory all the explanations of the Tragic Events, events which were delivered from On High, and whose explanation was, too, and with the added savory support and solemn regurgitation of the entire invertebrate corps of wormy, working journalists, everywhere. The reader should perhaps take the time to watch this "I Pet Goat" movie, produced by "Heliophant."

3. On some precise and no doubt numerologically sound day in this past month of May, the Hoover Dam experienced a major graffiti event that few sensible people can understand, and even fewer know about. Some PR company affiliated with some development in the area of massive, extremely bright lighting technology, was allowed to project onto the huge face of the Hoover Dam an image of the logo for a certain mediocre soccer team from Koln, Germany, where this PR company is from. Sarcasm is here a totally unfit tool. Even when the logo is a Picture of a Giant Goat Standing Atop the team's Logo, which features behind it the iconic Two Towers of the medieval cathedral of Koln, which is known for these two spires. Sarcasm would here be inappropriate, i hope you agree. The oddly influential German PR company which loves its futbol team so, is reported to have done this mega-projection on our Hoover Dam in order to get publicity and break some world records regarding the longest or largest projection ever. I'd urge you to check the Youtube channel "Police State Radio," for its "Secrets of the Hoover Dam" video, a very well-done, pithy investigation into this surely meaningless event. By the goat-god what did i just say about sarcasm?!

4. Detroit got a big-ass devil statue, and Oklahoma got a bigger "Church of Satan" Adolphus Levi-style Baphomet statue, which was intended to sit at the Oklahoma statehouse. I'm not really sure if it made it onto the lawn or if public outcry prevented that, and I don't really care, just as i didn't care to look up the exact date of the Hoover Dam projection, because why must i always repeat their unholy numerals? The medium is the message, the story has already made its way into the nation's bloodstream, and many people have seen the amusing statue, like a re-imagining of the infamous "Greek God George Washington" statue making the Hermetic Maxim salute. Only the OK baphomet is flanked by a boy and a girl. My guess is that to live in the united states of america in this time is to be engaged in a constant sex-majikal ritual orgy. It's just a matter of whether or not you are consenting, or being simply used. It's very probably better to be used, in this foul scheme., in any cold case, just watch out for the Goat-god and take a minute to think outside your secular and secure box of god-forsaking reasoning. You don't have all the fucking answers, Kid, and i wouldn't suggest looking in the New York Times for them, either. 

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