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Sex, Drugs and Rocking with Your Rifle Out: Female Viagra and Lady Army Rangers.

I enjoy thinking about human sexuality for various reasons. For one, our cousin monkeys are somewhat less interesting, in their reproductive traditions and ways. For another, we obviously are a species of primate that has thrived atop the food chain for so long, and so our system and culture of reproduction are bound to be both interesting and a model for extraordinary success. It is going to be relevant to all aspects of our behavior. Then there is the additional phenomenon of sexuality being used by cultural pornographers in corporate advertising and popular entertainment. I cannot go to the credit union or the public house without seeing some over-sized juicy ass, or slender strumpet too poor to wear clothes, selling some kind of cotton ball or automobile or cheeseburger sandwich, or without being Way-laid by some image of the hideous reproduction of The Madonna, Gaga, or Rihanna Figure with their esoteric, high-art/low-brow Temple Prostitution.

Things are changing rapidly and they deserve our attention. Not to be reactionary or naive, but John Coltrane did not have to have gyrating pole dancers on stage with him. Frank Sinatra never simulated orgies and even more bizarre escapades like sex majik ritual murder in his musical videos. No pop star in the exuberant, coltish sixties, even, ever had to fornicate with the lover they then murdered by burning in a bed beneath a Baphomet head, in such a video. (See: Lady Gaga)

In general, human sexuality and human sexual customs rear their horned heads as a form of social engineering, too...and in this way we make a turn into metaphysics, religion and proto-religions, secret societies and all these other more arcane and occulted influences on the human condition. This is where trans-humanism and the Alchemical Ideal of the Hermaphroditic Union of Opposites (such as the Sexes) comes in; and also where we can detect a certain deeper significance to the rise of national gay and LGBT politics, and to quite apparently shoehorned reference to homosexuality in different cultural products and diversions/entertainments. Possibly there is even a statistical increase in the number of gay people, relative to the general heterosexual population, and that of course is interesting. It may be only narrow and anecdotal, this belief of mine that the numbers of gay folk are increasing, but I'm an observant, considerate citizen and i read much about society, at large (and, apropos of my liberal and metaphysical credentials, I've long had a suspicion that capitalizing the "i" in English is a mnemonic or subconscious ploy to reinforce patriarchy and the primacy of the phallic self, or the self in general, which I consider a philosophy kind of synonymous With patriarchy and the Judeao-Christian-Kabalist value system. Indeed, the lower case "i" itself resembles a phallus. Apologies for indulging in that quite relevant tangent.) It's not too uncommon for people to speculate that there is an environmental, chemical aspect of the rise in those numbers, and thus, because we are free intellects here and we wish to Go There at most opportunities, we can be permitted to wonder, then, at the possibility of a Planned Shift In Gender Realities. Since chemical shifts can be consciously and politically Introduced into human populations, you see. You may have heard of the Pentagon's "Gay Bomb." I will ask that if you're still reading, for the rest of this brief communication between us, you kindly dispense with any silly idea that i am what is called a "homophobe," or have anything whatsoever against gay people and their customs and feelings.

So, keeping all of this in mind, it's of great interest to me that two developments have developed right within the same short period in our political and scientific/medical experience as Americans, shining tip of the human existential spear of destiny that we are.

The first development is the move to the market and FDA-approving of so-called "female viagra." It's called, for some slightly confusing reason, "Addyi." They were apparently not afraid of any verbal connotations of the crazy speed drug for behavioral modification known as "Addy," or Adderall, which all the kids and college students seem to be on at all times. That's curious in itself, and perhaps intentional, knowing the insidious cleverness of advertisers wherever they nest within a given corporation... They are like black magicians carrying around scyring stones wrapped in Psychology degrees. **

The other development is the rise of the discussion of Female Combat Readiness to the level of near-resolution, insofar as the fact that women have now reportedly passed Army Ranger Training, something trumpeted proud and loudly by the government, military, and news media. Israel is doing it, maybe some other, lesser, countries are doing it, and America the Spear Carrier of the Will to Power and War for the Spirit and over-soul of the human race, is now poised to do it, too. Breathe..

Now obviously both of these cultural shifts involving " Addyi" and The "Army..." are being framed in as fatuous and disappointing a way as possible, per american intellectual custom and the dictates of corporate gods and all they purvey. That is my own salty opinion, but of course I am an anti-war leftist and one who has adopted the conspiracist View of history and contemporary human society. The general tone and over-arching signifying language attending these shifts deals in the notion that "Women Deserve a Chance to Realize Their full Potential, Just as Men Have Enjoyed Such Freedoms." Freedoms, in this case, to fuck at will and to murder by arbitrary and remunerated contractual decree. I've read quite a lot of the news coverage of the approval of Female Viagra, and naturally much of it is simply incestuous, unethical advertising, whereby the Pharma corporation (whose name we needn't use) uses its cross-pollinated sisters and shell partners in, say, The New York Post or the hydra-like 3-letter television news agencies, to run stories that amount to fluff congratulations and a hailing of the arrival of a drug that is sure to chase the sexual blues of prematurely shriveled wives right away, as that condition is such a notorious and depressing evil to humanity. It's a kind of Brave New World sexual revolution in a pill, and there are some intonations that are especially wholesome, suggesting that at least female viagra was not rushed to market like male sexual enhancements, which "could actually" kill the user. (We have now used our obligatory Huxley reference.) There is allegedly no danger of heart attack and stroke and seeing everything in Blue, from taking Addyi.

We don't have to wax moral-philosophical in any way at all, on the subject of how combat readiness for women is being framed or meta-referenced in the realm of news reporting or the so-called "national discussion." We are all simply fucked raw and savagely in this development, and not in a good way at that. Let us be plain about it. Our disgusting wars will not be questioned in this great big national talk, and indeed their usefulness or morality will now be even Less Questioned, since the business of State Killing has just been glorified by the inclusion of women, the softer and more empathetic and life-giving sex, among the trigger-pulling mercenary ranks. The golden goal posts have been moved, the critical moral questions have been with hubris spastically leapt over, as if by a brief but meaningful muscular contraction in the night. Capital and Power do what they want, as ever, and it just takes them some extra frog-boiling time to more purely enshrine their ruthlessness. Female intelligence agents have always been authorized to murder and poison as necessary, as an example, and Queens start and maintain wars of acquisition and profit quite often. There are some properly sadistic female police chiefs and minor jackboots all over the place, now. The state can jabber and imprecate to us in its twilight language as much as they please, and few are ever the wiser. They're just becoming more prolific at selling us our own poison, and marketing it as Medicine. I suggest that nothing has changed in this particular act of political theater with The Lady Army Rangers, except for the nationally ready and digestible Symbolism of the matter. And of course, that means something has changed, if you follow me. Oh, coitus, I allowed myself to wax, anyway.

(And I'm sure other people are remarking in a waxy-faced, scholarly and self-congratulatory, in a typically hedonistic and amoral, Darwinian western way, about the coincidence of these two mammoth shifts in cultural attitudes and political philosophy, for that is what "women in the combat-ready military" amounts to: a marked shift in political philosophies. In short, Female erection pills and super-warriors are both proof of the primacy and fitness of the Western model of civilization.)

I suggest that some of this is pure political and alchemical theater. What makes me think that the Addyi phenomenon is at the root both metaphysical planning and predictable greedy capitalist rubbish, is the sheer empty dunder-headedness of what passes as the discrete "scientific" discussion and explanation of the Actual Bio-chemical and physiological effects of this new drug, which will now Spawn many copycats and competitors once patents relax, etc. We are advised and reassured that the woman who takes the pink pill is Not experiencing any kind of abject, physical change in her body, so that the Physical desire a woman may and does have for sex does not enter the question. This saves the schizoid and patriarchal control mentality of mankind at large from the burden of admitting that their women enjoy sex and in so doing must perhaps or necessarily regard him (or let us say, his Institutional/Matrimonial Being) as incrementally more useless and expendable, and less entitled to his persistent and annoying erections and their failings, less deserving of phallic honorifics. A lot of that tack or approach to poorly, almost mystically describing the actual effects of Addyi seems simply to boil down to the psychology of male sexual desire and how it is woven into cultural norms and preconditioning. That's my opinion and it's a pretty intelligible, standard, and probably well-supported one. I was frankly hoping to put to rest and ease some amount of the endless, almost magical deliberations about the mystical female sexual psychology, by having this new drug admit its efficacy in terms of a simple reallocation of blood fuel. Such as occurs within the sad, mechanical male sexual entity and apparatus. Woe is predictable Us, and how easily our chemistry and Point of Existence are targeted by chemists.

"This new pill does Not, we repeat, it does not increase blood flow to the female genitals, and it will not, we repeat emphatically, it will Not make a woman get all horny and wish to jump just any man's rickety bones," I can almost hear in the undertones of the soothing and vaguely liberated female narrator's voice. As much sound science or spiritual wisdom as there may be in the presumed and even archetypal notion that for women, sex (and its possible difficulties) is almost always about "brain chemistry" and tortured emotions, I do sincerely smell something sort of artificial in all of this talk of "increasing dopamine and norepinephrine levels," which "Takes sex to a whole new level" for such women as are interviewed in NY Post articles, who no longer feel sexual desire for their husbands after four, ahem, four years. (There's no pill to immunize wives against the shittiness and ugliness of their husbands, alas, or to erase foolish romantic mistakes stemming from passionate naivete and Marriage Romanticization.) Now, If you think I am criticizing "fickle female sexual behaviors" here you have blindly missed the point I am making about turbid internal contradictions which I feel I am seeing here in the institutional rush to develop and justify spanish flies that are FDA-approved. What I am saying is that there appears to be a persistent strain or reinforcement of the old shibboleth of patriarchy, that women don't really experience sexual desire on a physical level nearly as much as men do, if at all. Because that's a dangerous notion and will destabilize society, you dig, and society is running along very admirably and fairly at this time.

There is also another dark strain we may be leading to: some kind of reprogramming pill for women, or any recalcitrant sub-sector of human society, for that matter.

There's much more to say on these subjects but I'm not writing a book here. What I think we're seeing is a contrived if not forced union of the sexes, through both the feminization of men and the masculinization of women-folk. You can indulge in the chicken or egg semantics all you like, and accuse me of not being a sufficiently enlightened liberal for using words like these, but that doesn't interest me much, personally. Some of these developments are organic, and just. Some are not.

**("Addyi," linguistically, brings to mind the idea of adding the majority segment of human society to the great fun of male sexual promiscuity and mindless readiness, just as Adderall includes So many people in its effects or regime, even. Literally this Addy shit is everywhere and recreational use is now rampant.)

There is one very well-known and accepted meaning of the physical aspect of the Godhead Baphomet, references to which are now clearly rife in our society, if not to say of the actual worship of the figure. That is the metaphor of the sexuality of the Baphomet, who is a combination or Union of the Sexes, and that's why this classical image of the thing has feminine breasts. It's a hermaphrodite. His oppositional hands in the "as above, so below" posture can also be taken to indicate eternal duality, male and female, the black and white crescent bodies.

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