Thursday, October 8, 2015

terms in the lexicon that reveal our shadiness:

1. "Hit it." This is a reference to coitus, or lovemaking.
2. "Smash it." This is a reference to coitus, or lovemaking.
3. One is "killing it" when they are succeeding very well. Apparently we're all stand-up comedians.
4. to "nut," a definitively male term for orgasm now used by women.
5. "bitch" and "ho" used among well-fed and -reared white women, and used with some camaraderie.
6. "what's up, Dawg." Any mention of "sup" applies here. This is a juvenile and affectedly casual    thing to say. We are not on the level of dogs, in fact.
7. Referring to someone light-heartedly as "Killa."
8. "White trash." A patently racist and white supremacist term that few white folks understand.
9. "Sucks." This term has now passed into a state of complete unreflection and acceptance. And so it reveals our depth of depravity and our devotion to crude patriarchy.
10. "Savage" as a general descriptor for an idea or subject thought to be Worthy, Radically Good, or otherwise deserving of approval.
11. "Slay"...just more vicious and dehumanizing Verb vernacular from our living Purgatory of social engineering managed by kabbalists. It means 'to do well." To review, killing and murdering is good and desirable. It will get you ahead, inevitably securing you fame, respect and power.

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