Saturday, July 30, 2011

the accidental shooting, or, the Sexual Chronicles of Dr. X

....dave's neighbor has a seemingly shady occupation. as in, he is low-key, and keeps to himself, and owns a voracious Bull of the Pit that would like to disallow or consume even visitors to Dave's house, next door. it barks and barks savagely from across the fence and each time i taunt him through the links nice and quiet with a smirk. this is a purple pitbull, as they say, and so i respect Him as Royalty.

I once bedded a wild and theatrical neurotic from Alaska named "redhead" for now and we met in Memphis. she had red hair, kind of coarse, like her character. Memphis, Tennessee is a city known for satanic and freemasonic underpinnings and a deep racial discord, and i tend to dislike whitey, too. Once i had a stopover there on a Greyhound trip. i ventured several blocks from the station with a joint, or cigarette, of marijuana which i had eagerly packed away for the journey. i intended to smoke it with any eligible strangers. At a bus stop i sat among only black people, and i am white, by skin color. this was a four to one ratio, more or lesser. as i somehow courtly-like introduced my joint into these citizens' lives, and only one man, to my recollection, shared in its pleasures, i grew aware of some tension. perhaps in repayment, this man who shared my illegal schedule 1 drugs told me that maybe this thing i was doing was not safe. he was like, yea, some guys around here would bust your head and take your possessions for being all silly and naive like this, but he said this in a sensitive way, a veiled sort of way as he hit the J. but that is for another time, the telling. The opera thrills me and i can't understand why more girls don't like me on an automatic basis.

as i say, the wild Alaskan neurotic with red hair: i still think about her fondly, and with a hint of having escaped some planned murder of me. She was just pursuing love, though, like myself. She at least had the dignity and sensitivity to banish Herself to Alaska, and she was from Washington state. She knew her psychosis could manage itself reasonably well off in the barrenness of Alaska, with few neighbors. It is a fact recognized by all royal scientific societies that Black and Latina women kiss better than white women. Redhair was so fruity that she sometimes visited her small local bar along with her blow-up sex-doll. She lugged the rubber O-mouthed bitch down to the pub and it sat with her sucking air as she drank and scribbled in a notebook, amusing the locals beyond any telling. People tolerated her astonishing weirdness, although or maybe because she taught schoolchildren of the fifth or so grade.

so then she and I, we met in Memphis, a city considered unimportant by the superficial, coastal classes of America. By virtue of the fact that it supports many of the closely-descended of slaves as its citizens, Memphis is a great city. By vice of the fact that the city contains within it like a necromantic sigil the related class of pedophiliac evil Ruling whites, Memphis is a necropolis of hate and warped human hearts. But the evils of Memphis on the American Nile are only of minor significance, in the gargantuan scheme of things. We are interested mainly in positive things and developments, here. Through the honorable forum of My space we met, Ginger and i.

if you have not heard the music of Jimmy Smith then you're a terrorist slurping the blood of America and worse, a terrorist traitor to the god-fearing decency of America's Brand and your life is forfeit under constitutional law.

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