Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Heidi Fleiss, Aluminaughty sex scandals, and the dancing laughter of Godzilla

Note: this is an open, even unhinged, exploration in progress: (we admit that it was only made possible by the internet, which is you, so take a bow.):

it began with a look at the Fleiss "hollywood Madam scandal."
everyone is an evil crook in this controversy, if it can be called a controversy:

1. fleiss' employee, a "Lahure Reed" is shown in the docu, (filmed by the same director who had done material on s. africa separatists, seen days ago)..Reed is shown in 2 photos, next to both presidents Bush and Reagan, proving perhaps Kathy X's tranceformation America claims.

2. while doing a search for Reed's photos, saw a cute Godzilla dances with King Kong picture. Clicked it, am taken to a blog about Gig Young, who struck me so in his Peckinpah, "bring me the head..." role. He was a real killer. he ended up murdering himself and his wife.

3. some sort of mystical pregnancy involved with the image of Zilla stepping out with Kong, and the metaphors these two Hollywood moguls embody.

4. as it turns out, Gig Young was too Real for Blazing Saddles. A farce about Americana and the West, whose hero was a drunk gunslinger. Not a cowboy. Important distinction, and evidence of our glib and puritanical hypocrisy. Which snake-eats back again onto the subject of Fleiss, who has survived to Take Care of Birds rather than Exploit them, while Cheryl Palfrey was strung up to give a message to the world, along with her employee, Brandi Britten. Fleiss' employee, Reed, has also survived, and lives "outside of Fort Lauderdale," appropriately.

this is a bizarre case, indeed, as

5. Gig Young's daughter hung out with Fleiss...and guess who else? Fucking Peter Sellers' daughter with some bombshell,____Sellers, interviewed in said docu. Radioactive giant lizosaurs, the gargantuan nature of the white man's burden, one especially sinister madam and a hollywood director who happens to be a pimp. and the blogger also happened to write an expose of the reality of sam cooke's death.

so...can the impressive cross-referencing of the internet really explain the Godzilla photo cropping up, when it could not produce the photos of Reed standing next to two highly occultic presidents? could that pic be offered up solely because of the connection between Heiss and Young's/Barr's daughter? What role if any does gematria play in the naming of these characters?

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