Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Numerous Suggestions

if you are a man,
read the poetry of a woman.
if you are a housecat, don't shit in the slippers
of the father of the house.
if you understand symbols,
teach this skill to others,
for they are dumber than you, most likely.
if you are tall, dunk that shit.
if you are a woman,
look kindly on a man,
and pet him.
soothe his whining, neurotic madness,
make him less an animal.
if you are pavement, rise up.
if you are oceanic, reveal your depths to the divers.
Among us.

if you have courage, lead the pack,
but love them.
if you are weak, it doesn't fucking matter.
if you have money, give it up and spend, it is nothing
but hatred and envy scribbled onto paper.
if you are short, run past them.
if you possess a thing, love it.
feed it and look upon it with care and generosity it is yours, so you say.
if you have a gun, i can't help you.
if you have life, love death
and keep it beside you and in you like
the quick and happy promise
of something new.

kiss everybody and make them welcome.

above all,
never swear
unless you fucking mean it

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