Thursday, May 23, 2013

Be on the Lookout

I've seen a certain white male on many scenes:
he is heavy-set and prosperous-seeming.
He has dark, slicked-back hair.
I saw him recently at a rally for america,
and at a spontaneous celebration for the state authorities
when they apprehended that guy
after declaring martial law
because they said he had bombed that marathon.

I saw this white male suspect
also at the NBA semi-finals
sitting courtside.
When Lebron hit the go-ahead
game-winning three
the portly little debutante
sprang from his courtside seat along
with his several greasy friends
and began bleating
as if he were on the team.
It's his privilege you see,
To support, and To Celebrate at ground zero,
And suckle at the sex organs of his overseers,
and to put that shit in his hair.

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