Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Marching Madness

They're going down tonight,
they're in for a big fight,
your team consists of softies, stiffs and fools,

Don't matter we're at war (Again!?)
and nobody knows the score (Libya!?)
we'll simulate aggression by the rules, Yee-ha!!

chorus: My team's Bet-ter than Yours/ (Ninnies!)
Oh-h, my team's bet-ter than yours/ (Milquetoast Mama's Boys!)
I'll take the white, you take the black,
we're all part of the savage pack,
Still my team's better than yours!

Let's get into our mammoth cars,
go to the arena and worship Mars,
as the bombs and missiles fly
and Mammon rapes us,

You chant your chant and I'll spit on you,
without our games what would we do,
we lovethat blood-n-rules-n-girls,
and we are blame-less,

chant it! My team's bet-ter than yours/ (Pansies!)
Oh-h My team's way better'n yours/ (Faggots!)
we'll kill your sons and break the seals,
and subsidize huge playing fields
all we need's a year-long brawl and we're content!


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