Wednesday, March 16, 2011

3 reasons i hate people

1. They stink like the stinking foods they eat and the rancid thoughts that occupy them.

2. When awake, they are dangerous.

3. Such a dull tendency they have toward being predictable in most ways. Otherwise, they are dangerous, unpredictable.

4. Monotheism.

5. Pantheism.

6. When the shambling tailored monkeys are small and young and weak, we in this civilized time and place are not allowed to beat them, just when the beating might be effective.

7. Always they seem to skulk about in the shadows of their own petty fears, mental issues and spiritual handicaps.

8. Obviously, what satisfies them most is drinking one anothers' blood and having orgasms.

9. The fact that they are covered with thin greasy hairs that expose the skin, unlike animals who have full, beautiful coats of fur and do not wear clothes. Humans are ugly.

10. We are as easily programmed as any lab rat, plugged full with cathodes, drugs, and sensors.

11. Their unreasonable tolerance for pop music in all its forms, wherever one goes around the world.

12. Patriarchy.

13. Women are fickle and insane.

14. Living among people is a filthy, filthy business that will make a man paranoid and unsociable.

15. They are social animals.

16. Because they are so different from me, and so much the same. Out of some wild stroke of blind chance, I once tripped upon a small fragment of an enduring truth about the species, and it will come out of this colon: There is no religion but Man and the Woman that brought him forth. Every single system of faith that defines us even when we are scurvy godless Americans, is a system devoted to the worship of the image of Man, of our more brawny selves. It may be a solid and sublime vision, or a murky, devilish one. It may be thoroughly approachable, or it can go through the barricades and pedophile gauntlets of such programs as the Catholic Church or Kabbalah, or through the misguided and self-murdering Slavocracy-doctrines of capitalism and communism. We may dress up this mirror image in a big goat's head, or the head of a Jackal or a Hawk or a determined philosopher. Often we give it robes to hide its obesity and its throbbing penis or vagina; one time we whipped and stripped it and draped it lovingly over a Roman cross, and said, "now there's a model for Living." But it's all about us. Finding a permanent justification for our grimy futility and our strange magic, maybe. We are the animal that needs more than just food and a fuck, and an expensive raincoat.
So that it follows with iron-clad and nano-enhanced necessity that we have only one purpose: since we are such confused and egotistical creatures, we should be trying to better ourselves, considering our saving grace is a big, reflective, and hopefully objective and imaginative brain, to begin with. That the brain can earnestly debate the soul's existence is likely what is called a "miracle."
Ipso facto, we should be good to one another, and this is the most obvious thing in the world. What, then, has gone wrong...

17. Politicians and Rule by force of arms.


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