Friday, April 15, 2011

The Raisins of Annoyance .

what scams these are,
how elaborate these dirty skulking schemes.

we are accruing interest on debts owed to those who
would rather see us dead than pay.
we are tricked like country yokels at the fair,
duped into drinking demon-piss,
told it is a tonic for good health.

our insides coated with serpent oil of every sort,
we have extremely fluid bowel movements.
none of the slop we consume troubles us,
it flows greasily through our gizzard
and out the other end without a whiff of trouble
or doubt.

we are paying our murderers for the privilege of being murdered
under cover of hollywood
and madison avenue tinsel,
murdered to the sound of singing children,
singing because they will be branded and beaten
and dropped from a helicopter in a sack,
if they don't sing.

we pay the homicides so they will go easy on us, and do it slowly,
to murder our souls first and foremost, and eventually our
sluggish, unquestioning bodies.

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