Saturday, January 1, 2011

Enter net here

the wild, unchecked, and over-checked
rowdiness of the internet
has come to take us away,
in an elegant suit, wearing jackboots.
to bring us home from
our lickspittle suffering on isolated I-lands.
from this thriving enterprise, from this
county swivel seat.

to a place where there is
only light,
and the best information,
and elegantly prepared
truffle cupcakes and pancakes
and great Kardashian ass-cakes
to eat, between healthy meals that
test the bounds of health and leather
and all sorts of stretchy material.
Here we will in comfort
and slipping slowly about in a sweet, milky sort of froth
enjoy many consecutive seasons
of velvet underwear and better than .500 ball,
of silken fuck-swings,
Love and financial security,
of constant updates and
lots of planned unavoidable social Events.
your flesh may never rot in this land,
if you care for it enough,
and routinely apply the Lotion;
the only worms or viruses that exist
will be made of processed sugar.
Nobody will ever distrust you again in that light-flooded digital land.
A child will never be heard to cry
unless beaten by a legal guardian
or gently denied a third helping of whatever it wants,
especially sex with animals
and beheadings.
There will be endless effulgent commentary
on the most common and dingy of ass-wipings in
the fine goldy expanse of
the internet.

the internet webbing has done and woven
what could not be done or woven,
in record time.
it has strung up and together
a world of atomized, abused
and given them a voice,
and a large hollow tomb in which
to throw this voice about.
this web is dependent entirely
on electricity,
on a temporary maintenance of the insane
disorder of things

the magic of
the internet
can only be
compared to a
24-hour service station for the Ego,
and a warm rock for the reptile brain.
or else,
to an extremely well-funded
spy agency,
for which the spied-upon line up eagerly,
wearing big diapers,
to spill their guts.

it is a dating service
for the fed-up
and the castaways,
and a syringe for the
inoculation against general health and modesty,
used by salesmen
and government and your fellow man
to avoid living
and playing fair.
In the beginning,
it had promise,
but look now.
look now upon its ugly facebook.
it is an ugly sunken hag,
it is a sick-minded Golem
running wild.
Dirty self-adoring dirtiness
in the filmy public eye
is its Way.

now it can be compared
to a step-brother
that has come to wake you,
in your bunk bed, when the house was afire,
but stabbed you to death instead,
after giving it some thought.

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