Monday, January 10, 2011

No Need for titles or riches

oh god i need a starlet
with an angular jaw who
flares her eyes and nostrils
when i look at her and
puffs her swollen scarlet lips
poutingly and affectedly just so,
just for me.

make her the slinkiest that i've ever seen.
when she descends stairs i want to
see stars, and handsprings.
make sure she scorches the earth with her
stamping, privileged boots.
let's have a vital lass with vim brimming up over her stylish collars
and sexy footwear,
and a...primary erogenous zone that weeps
at the thought of me,
needing it as much as Man does.
we need her to be sentimental too,
and to have traveled to Europe,
and even studied there a bit.
bring her to me one night in a chance alleyway,
when the moon is pregnant
with hardcore mating potential,
when it's unlikely we could resist each other,
or bring her along by a crowded, swanky bar
with good lighting,
and have her proffer me a stiff drink of
it all,
and a lewd offer to leave with her immediately.
it's not essential that we rut on the first date
like dirty feral lovepigs
but it is fine.

i know that she may want something
like a star-caliber A-list celeb
with a car and free plane tickets
and a full head of hair...
but it only matters
that she fall for me
and my tender trickery.

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