Friday, May 13, 2011

Some people

some people have heavy cracked claws in place of hands, and
they are generally lords and businessmen and holders of Office.
some people believe in God.
some people believe in the Golden Guillotine of State.
some people are incorrigibly mean and stupid.
some people believe in giving a second chance.
some people say what they mean, incessantly, and have no idea what they're saying.
some people will decapitate the goat just as it climaxes inside their wife, for the best results.

yes, some people believe in being on time, in timeliness.

some people don't know when to quit.
some people quit as soon as the going gets gnarly, as soon as an abrupt noise is heard.
some people prefer cats.
some people are dogs.
some people eat swine and this makes them cannibals.
some people didn't deserve It, but it's not clear why.
some people deserve an eternity of every form of pain, clearly.
some men have man-servants.

some men have feelings.
some women have a sense of style that is not haughty, or petty, or vain.
some people torture and lobotomize for a paycheck.
some people have been tortured and lobotomized by them, gratis.
some people never learn.
some people can't navigate a sidewalk too well because their eyes are fixed on the pavement and their whole bodies are bent towards the earth by a dark, heavenly shit-blizzard of Woe.
their numbers are growing.

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