Wednesday, May 4, 2011

An empirical list of proofs for what we call "Satanism" in America (in which we do not bend to the black magic dictate to intone the unholy numbers).

1. the numerology of Non-11, the date. historic echoes, augury, interstice repetition in subsequent attacks.

2. addition-based numerology of Non-11 attack plane serial numbers, flights 11-14.

3. talismanic/magical federal reserve notes depicting masonic ritual of Non-11. Aspects of the origins and basic iconography of the American national seal.

4. architectural layout of nation's capital.

5. basic occult nature of twin towers, and pentagon, and washington monument, and the Millenium Hilton as it stands sentinel over the mass sacrifice, and now still, over the Pit.

6. Jack Parsons/OTO/scientology/Kabbalah/Manson and Henry Lee Lucas/the State.

7. Kubrick and his death

8. The entirety of the pop music industry and its inimical effects on the soul of humanity and its children, especially.

9. the Bush hegemon/clan/brood of devil-worshippers

10. Skull and Bones.

11. The Bohemian Club and their Bohemian Grove.

12. The Franklin Cover-up.

13. aspects of american "serial murder" phenomenon suggestive of programmatic state control. See reason number 6.

14. another reason, so that we do not conclude with the number thirteen. Perhaps the importance of the number 13 in the rabidly secular history of the United States. Or perhaps the fact of the ultimate breaking of the story of the diabolical Catholic Church's pederasty doctrines, here in America. Or perhaps the numerologies of Waco or OKC bombing, or the blatant State evil of the happenings in Jonestown, Guyana. Or maybe Albert Pike and his reverend statue and tomb in D.C. Possibly even the bizarre occultic dualism of Non-11/May-Day!-bin-laden-"death," (which imaginary killing is in a sense a rebirth, a favored concept or ritual in esoteric traditions) and Obama killing Osama, whose name was for a long time, perhaps unimportantly, spelled with a "U."

(postscript: in a fascinating twist of synchronicity, i kind of randomly chose the cartoon image at top. After posting this, i realized that there may be symbolism in the fact of the devil standing in clouds and surrounded by light rays. Lucifer is the so-called "Light Bringer," and in certain murky terms is a revered godhead of the Freemasons, and this is undisputed, if little known, and murky. And it's that less than comfortable gray-area i referred to when saying "what we call Satanism." Kind of totally strange, this coincidence.)

(amusing and lewd post-post-script: the devil in the above image also seems to be led by an occluded and energetic phallus. Oh man, the symbolism of that on two different levels. One, the occluded nature of this symbol---think metaphorically---and two, the symbols' obvious relation to ancient religious systems and their preoccupations with the regenerative organs, an obsession still positively alive and well in America. And to completely certify that the cartoonist was familiar with occult symbology, the comic Lucifer is giving the Horus/Lady Gaga ocular salute.)

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