Friday, December 17, 2010

Lettuce tri two meek cents of Evil Monk Ease

George W. Bush was a man
who for a while was positioned over America,
both the noble nation itself and her
dignified people,
like a Gargoyle,
a gargoyle made of flesh and blood,
lots of blood.

George W. Bush was a gargoyle
of poor workmanship, for
it is said that he too closely resembled a man,
even though
he came from a long line of gargoyles,
known either for their viciousness
or their ability to marry into
families of importance
within the
banking and finance industries.

but as a dangerously stumbling and foul-tempered,
sincerely devious and volatile
sort of flesh-eating flesh gargoyle,
the imp performed well enough
in his duties as US president.
in america a blob of yeast can become president,
if only it rises to the challenge of securing
enough dough.
America is like a great temple or cathedral to Wickedness,
which needs always be topped by scary
if not powerful demon statues,
to keep away the forces of good.
some of the demons show themselves so sadistic
and willing, so lustily capable of inbreeding
with identical stock of hateful
european devil-swine,
that a country can fall under their shadow for generations.
They become as our own national,
hereditary disease,
a recurrent throwback of
moral rot, of tendencies to
cretinism, blood-bathing, and child buggery.
These monstrous winged aristocrats form
exclusive social clubs and steal lower-class children
from their early morning paper routes,
and fuck the poor children all over before
killing them in various ways,
but never mercifully.
They would as soon
burn a forest of babies
as flush a toilet
full of ticks.

the second of the
Bush gargoyle presidents
was chosen by what is called a Supreme Court.
this is a committee of huge black-robed squid-devils
that sit high atop an altar,
a devilish nine
before which all members of society may
by proxy come and be
flayed open and given judgments that rattle through
the ages with solemn and unalterable wisdom.
this panel of warlocks and one or two Kabbalist squid-witches
draped in the depressing tone of midnight human sacrifices
has made fractions of men,
and Men of corporations,
and the gates of Hell fling open for a little warmth
on their giant flat asses,
flat from sitting in judgment so heavily,
flat from lifetime appointments
and the weight of their massive bribes.

george bush the younger
is only the most recent evil shame
and punishment to squat over
this diverse land of spenders, buyers and idle rape-watchers,
and spit hot blinding venom into its many glassy eyes.
...But it was the grandiose nakedness of his crimes
and of his dark religious piety,
and the forward nature of the way
he took all those children and murdered them
inside towering office buildings
and squat mud huts alike, showing no preference or proportion...
it was that kind of brash satanic effrontery
that signaled something frightening and new
for the world of little people.
our rape would no longer feature lubricant
or even a pillow to muffle our cries.
Adding insult to buggery, the brutish sodomite was
none other than
the Universal Fool
and Royal Cipher,
impressive only as a badly botched being
who should have been secreted
in the bowels
or the attic of his father's castle.

Yea, we were moved in those years from the
gay fattening-up stage to the
part where we are introduced to our unique place
at the table.

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