Friday, December 10, 2010


Golden delicious beer,
Murky brown stout,
Red syrupy greedy glasses of ale,
also retrograde canned hipster lagers,
our faith is in beer.

tottering, toasting tipplers,
angle your stein to the stars.
sigh into it, smile into it,
pour it deep into your
eager, thrill-seeking gullet.
Spill some on your friend accidentally with a grin.
Spill it on him when he is flirting good with a girl.
Piss its congenial warmth into thy neighbor’s lawn
in the pre-dawn, with a heave of gas and laughter.
Better next door,
than in your drawers,
or your pants, even.
Drink it to be a man,
at twenty one,
twelve, and ninety.
Drink it to be an animal,
at risk of losing wallet
and reputation.
Let your Imp show its ass.

Beer! Bring it here.
Let its praises be sung kind of warbly!
For it leads to the wild frontier
Of happiness and fun.
on a good night,
it can make a swan fuck a hedgehog,
with pleasure,
then allow it blessedly to forget.
It gives false courage
and somewhat
more honest words,
but i must tell you
it may turn your sense of honor
into a rabid mangy hyena,
a starving, sick hyena
let loose in a pre-school
at nap-time,
biting at all those snoozers.
You must be careful
with Beer!

That is not foam,
it's the potent spew of the Original G's,
Osiris, Zeus, Odin,
and the soft girlish curls of Dionysus...
an angelic cloud
over the happy tear drops of the Buddha
and the sweat from Li Po’s brow.

God damn it don’t be squeamish,
little children drink it down.
Admire it traveling through the light,
bringing specks of kindness,
wit and felicity
into your shadowy mind and your clabbery heart.

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