Wednesday, February 9, 2011

your silly damn notions of fun

you've been
carrying on about it
in this way for years.
dont tell me about your fun
because i'm not interested.
your idea of fun is a lame thing
and a selfish thing,
and i prefer it if
you don't issue proclamations about
this or that activity being
"fun," or "sounding like fun,"
when i suggest or mention them.

because what you are
really doing,
you dull, dyspeptic bastard,
is implying that you have judged
the matter, with presumed
authority and discernment,
and that there is a distinct chance
that my ideas and suggestions are boring,
or tedious,
maybe even deadly
to the great breadth
of your legendary happiness.
but i know
your tragedy is that you
can't easily locate a single ounce of joy
in the universe,
because of the bitter squabbling
war against peace that is waged
every day
in your angry mind,
a place where
everything bad has been bronzed
and put up on a mantle.

so quit it with the fun.
let it be understood
all throughout this land of neurotics
and depressives
and citizen-jackals
locked in jealous competition,
fun is a thing that should be had
and not mentioned.

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