Sunday, August 2, 2009

Versify me: War and the Pleasure of Doing Business in King Bush II’s Disaster Court

In times of war on other shores
the American is bold and brave,
it pays blood taxes, then relaxes:
Proud contribution from the slave.

Since U.S. lads in force are glad
to shirk forefathers’ notions,
they sign up and then line up
to entangle o’er oceans.

There’s precedent for presidents
Fibbing glibly about aggressions,
To sic the people, and trick the people
Into murder’s rich concessions.

Against Huns armed often with U.S. guns
We battle time and again,
It never gets tiresome, our model: just hire some
Devil, then war on his sins.

Befriending foes, then friends offending,
Americans are subtle,
But what never changes are the dangers
To Liberties we scuttle.

The herd abused and confused,
Terrorized by nukes and jihadis,
Willing to fight phantom acronyms:
“Bring it On,” but don’t show the bodies.

On how to sell the cows war, but misspell the reason,
The plutocrat muses in private,
Choosing attitudes from unhistoric platitudes
Like “America’s Too Pure to Pirate.”

“Whip the ox’s brain and strip the fears of the cow bare;
Feed the gut plenty and the mind just enough.
Strap a cannon to its ass and
Inject Terrorism to make tough”

In times of threat, you can bet
Wall Street’s fleet of traitors are secure,
They know in advance each “actionable” chance
Of a terror attack, and more.

A Republic of Slaves doesn’t need any chains:
Like mule-trains bound mutely to Master;
But the Free Serf knows the Emperor never had clothes
To begin with, while the rest court disaster.

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