Friday, October 9, 2015

A Review of the movie calling itself "The Interview." (Not Safe for weak-ass, squeamish defenders of Status Quo.)

Hello, all. I hope you enjoyed my vacation. FB has none of the luster that it used to, before i awoke from my fever-dream of assuming that posting observations and articles of ire amounted to anything save a reputation as a caustic crank who was probably too smart and self-important for his own sturdy well-being and socio-economic state. (Always keep in mind, if you were about to take the bold leap of agreeing with me on Any one of all these big old head-scratching matters of global import, that i make Less Than Forty-Thousand Reserve Notes per annum ($40,000) unless i work a lot of OT, and so please. You really are not required to listen to me at all. I do not own a business or even a full business suit. Furthermore, i've only ever owned one car in my life, and it was used, and practically on layaway.) Anyway, this is just a movie review, free of any kind of political outrage or ethical meditations. Nope. I couldn't bring myself to write such a waste of a thing. I'm an educated, bi-racial Libra, and i happen to continuously give a fuck because i am powerless to do otherwise. No bland movie review for you today.

I submit that if you want to know how despicable, how unscrupulously wicked, irresponsible, vulgar and cheap modern amerikan life has become, (and blibberdy-blabber by extension, "Western life") then all you must do is try to watch "The Interview." Now it should be a given that the movie is fucked up zionist cultural programming of the now garden variety of the Illuminist era. That is a given, and if you didn't know, there's your scoop for the day, my dear. I call it "zionist" simply to identify it for Part of what it manifestly Is, and that is a product of admitted, definitive Jewish efforts. Even for Hollywood, it is conspicuously non-goyim in its DNA, flavors, and effluences. It's obviously an Apatow tribal production, and nothing more about that really needs to be said here, apart from the obligatory note that anything i have become aware of, at least, which came from the seamy mind of Apatow and his vile troop of clubby non-comic lemming actors has served only to embarrass the human race and brutally degrade the very idea of Comedy and worthwhile diversions or filmic entertainments, at large.

It's very rare, if i'm not watching Fox News or some honest documentary about satanists, neocons, or organized state pedophiles, that i feel i do need to promptly have a hot soapy scrubbing in order to be somewhat less filthy, from the viewing. Apatow never fails to get me angry and dirty. It was an abortive Netflix mistake, simply put, and i did not go into it blindly, having already been sufficiently barnyard in my intelligence to grasp that the movie was Indeed, just as some are saying in the political/philosophical/film industry scribbling world, a rather bizarre and unprecedented instance of the CIA, etc. Working Directly with certain fraternities of film-makers in Hollywoodland, specifically in this case, the Apatow tribe. Look it up, (I'm not linking shit here about this shit movie) the actors and others associated with this tripe offering about humorously assassinating a world leader have gone on record as saying they felt the CIA was involved in changing the script of the movie from an imagined world leader to the actual leader of North Korea. That is so fucked up and reflective of our diabolical zeitgeist that it would require at least Five FB posts to properly explain it, or a devoted FB account. (We should say here that such a notion of this movie representing an "unprecedented" linkage between Hollywood and State Forces either clandestine or Face-forward, is equal parts pure rubbish and cow-flesh-diluted cowfeed, but this case happens to be especially bold, obtuse, egregious, and thus, perfect for our current time. Now let us summarize..)

And so, in summary, that now unmentionable movie is a ghastly, gut-turning, evil obscenity fit only for consumption by violent and perverted amerikans. You should go watch it right away if you want to rip from your soul some measure of its soulful beauty and purity in order to then grind and smear it into a sewer drain. I would zealously prefer not being your friend if you found anything at all amusing about that piece of shitty garbage, or if you even watched it until the end and do not have a sound excuse. It really is much worse than merely disgustingly immoral and bad, it Is A Political Message of Aggressive Nihilism infused by absurdly repetitive, culture-defiling pantomimes of what we too-securely call "Humor."                                                                  

There is arguably no brow low enough among our species capable of countenancing this movie.

If you would like to sing ignorant lullabies inside your meager conscious, you who are reading this and have decided that i am Der Anti-Semite, then i urge you posthaste to delete our toy friendship and even send me an extremely brief note describing your holiest outrage against my intolerance of the chosen people and their lately unsmirchable record in things. I'll begin working on your effigy for the weekend. You have much history and cipherin' to larn, and you and i will always be talking about different things, for the simple reason that you probably lack the intellect to speak even my humble language of study, reflection, and ethical impetus which is clearly spoken everywhere around the world, but only in pockets, in this country. You see, i'm about as much of an "anti-semite" (may god, etc., forgive me for using such a mindless, hackneyed, void and unscientific term such as it is) as i am a famous pedophile defense attorney enshrined by bankrupt so-called Liberalism. I am as much "anti-jewish" as i am a noted Freemason, or a trained and cool-headed police officer. I am Mickey Mouse, the famous anti-semite burlesque dancer, ok. Fair enough. Your ethics is laser sharp.

If you were to write a modestly savvy movie report for your 13th-grade class about "This Pestilential Talkie," the meat of your synopsis could be "There was over an hour of awkward and deliriously shameful Tavistockian Cultural Engineering, intended to infantilize and degrade large portions of what the human race has through millennia come to define and describe as decent or desirable for the human Community. It was profane tribalism gone haywire, it is the common denominator of all things bad and stinky. It's a pasting together of degenerate impulses one should only avoid or ridicule. It is the Humor of the Damned." You mighta thought it was just a shitty and embarrassing little YOLO-generation movie that makes no sense if it is to belong to a world with any dignity, but which is still not That Offensive, and Did have three or four good poo-poo and penis jokes, and is really after all only the latest in an ever-growing chain of such movies. But think about it a bit, dumb amerikan. Observe the curious news-item themes attached to this movie, about "free speech," and "international hacking and threats," and Brave Humorists standing up for the Integrity of Art, and then that bit about the CIA "advisors and consultants," and so on. Sophomoric genital and scat humor, and assassinations, and a heavy dose of anti-asian racism. We've won again, Land of the Free.

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